Astrology Institute Newsletter: April 2011 By Joseph Crane April 26, 2011

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Astrology: Art or Science?
Three Celebrities: Taylor, Gandhi, Trump

Here is the real April newsletter!  Here’s the link to the faux-newsletter dated 4/1:  I was pleased by the many positive responses and very pleased that a few people fell for it before looking back and checking the date.  (I’m also pleased not to receive any “unsubscribe” responses.)
This month I will skip over April as National Poetry Month – this year – but instead I first discuss the Jupiter-Saturn opposition and some of its technical details.  Then we will look at three completely different people who were all “celebrities” – famous for being themselves.  We sadly note Elizabeth Taylor’s passing, look at Mohandas Gandhi in light of a new biography of him that has been banned in India, and will shed some light on the quixotic presidential aspirations of one Donald Trump.  I will use a different set of astrological indicators for our three celebrities, not the HAGGIS method from the previous newsletter.  The choice of astrological techniques gives rise to an interesting question that I will discuss first: is astrology a science or an art?
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Kepler College is continuing its course offerings and has begun an astrology certificate program. Here’s their newsletter with their “webinar” offerings, course offerings, an article by me, and a sense of the direction in which this important institution is heading.
For New England and the Astrology Institute, forthcoming is a workshop on houses, their history and use that will occur in Rhode Island – I am currently looking for a location and would appreciate any leads.  I expect to follow up with a presentation on fixed stars, their history and use and will hold this in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Again I am looking for locations in Rhode Island.
For the past fifteen years we have had a weekly summer program. This may be an opportunity for you to catch up with some astrology friends, look at some “notable nativity” birth charts, and ponder some important issues in astrology.  This summer will feature Astrology’s Foundations in Nature and Super-nature that is a course on astrology’s metaphysics and spiritual cosmology through the centuries.  This brings in much from my current work on Dante and continues last summer’s program on divination and magic. Further details are forthcoming.
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Jupiter x Saturn

Jupiter-Saturnopposition.jpgPrevious newsletters discussed the political and economic correlations with the current opposition between Jupiter and Saturn.  Noting the proximity of the Sun with these two planets, it’s good to focus on their visibility conditions and speed since both are regulated by the Sun.
Here is a chart of the opposition on March 28 with only the Sun appearing with Jupiter/Saturn. Let’s first focus on Jupiter.
Sun is seven degrees from Jupiter and, as the faster body, Sun would soon overtake Jupiter. Sun and Jupiter were at the same degree and minute on April 6 in the late morning. Jupiter would be invisible in the sky, “under the beams” of the Sun.  The last time Jupiter was seen was on the Western horizon just after the Sun set; the next time Jupiter will be seen it will be a faint star that will precede the Sun on the Eastern horizon.  This morning rising for Jupiter occurs after the Sun is sufficiently behind Jupiter (12-15°)  in the zodiac so that Jupiter becomes visible before the Sun emerges.
Saturn is on the other side of the Sun and Jupiter on this March 28 chart.  When the Sun sets Saturn would rise in the East, and when the Sun rises Saturn would set in the West.  The Sun was exactly opposite Saturn on April 3 in the early evening.  Saturn was its brightest, for it would receive the Sun’s full reflection from the Earth’s viewpoint.  Then Saturn’s visibility conditions change: after the Sun goes down Saturn will gradually appear higher in the Eastern Sky during the coming days and weeks; around the time of its direct station Saturn will be about at the Midheaven when the Sun sets and will then gradually go further west until eventually the Sun swallows it up.
All planets further from the Sun (from Mars to Pluto) go most quickly through the zodiac when they are close or conjunct to the Sun, and currently Jupiter is moving quickly through Aries to its ingress into Taurus in early June; Saturn, being opposite the Sun, is midway through its retrograde period. 
You can see this below with the graphic ephemeris, a wonderful tool I inflict on all my students and clients.  This is a 90° graphic ephemeris so that transiting and natal positions in cardinal signs are in first 30°, the fixed signs to 60°, and below are all the mutable positions.  In that way intersection between curving or diagonal lines (transting planets) and straight, horizontal lines (natal positions) record transits to a natal position.
For greater ease of reading, here I limit transiting planets to Sun (yellow), Jupiter (gray) and Saturn (red). You will see that Jupiter enters Aries in mid-January, squares a natal Mercury in early March and crosses the Saturn line (going upwards) in late March, signifying the opposition between these two planets.  From January to June 12, Saturn is going retrograde and its opposition to the Sun is midway through its retrograde phase. The transiting Sun crosses into Aries on March 21, of course, and crosses both the Saturn and Jupiter lines in early April.  We can see this quite graphically with this tool.
You may wonder to whom the natal positions, those that appear on the right, belong.  They belong to Donald Trump who you will read about later in this newsletter.  We see for example that Trump has a Venus/Saturn conjunction in the cardinal sign Cancer, that Jupiter transits Venus-Saturn this spring and it’s Saturn’s turn late in 2011.

Astrology: Art or Science?

This is a difficult and maybe a divisive question but it is worth asking. 
Astrology has some appearances of a science. Astrology relies on measurable positions and motions of the surrounding sky and of the horizon and meridian axes on the Earth.  Because astrology yields itself well to numbers and measurement, our continuing desire for astrological information has led to many innovations, such as symmetries, midpoints, harmonics, and the use of newly-discovered planetary bodies. We don’t add these things just because they’re fun to look at but because they add to astrology as a system of meaningful symbols. The fact that traditional, modern, and contemporary techniques yield meaningful and true information makes us wonder what the universe is like for such patterns to occur and be discernible.  Alongside is the fact that not all techniques work reliably. Astrology is also an interpretative art.  This means that its factual information needs to be applied to a specific context; that the same astrological information applied to different settings will yield different conclusions – because the questions will be different.  At this very moment and close to where you are some people are being born, some decisions are being made, some events occur of interest.  Astrology, using symbols and not just equivalencies, is flexible enough to provide information, insight, and prediction, to all kinds of people and situations.
The factual information of astrology can lend itself to statistical analyses and indeed there have been many attempts to validate astrological effects through this.  However, the interpretative nature of astrology, wherein one symbol can mean many things and a specific human factor does not usually correlate with a single astrological factor, defies easy applications of statistical studies to astrology.
Here’s another implication.  Science is based on accumulative knowledge, art is not.  In science, as we gain understanding we cast old models aside in favor of newer ones.  However, the means and methods of art change in an oscillating way.  Astrology’s applications have changed over the centuries to serve cultures that have changed, although its techniques may change back and forth like trends in art and fashion.
Science will bring all its resources to bear to solve a problem; artists revel in form that limits the range of materials used and the nature of the final product.  Here’s an example from medicine.  Medical researchers will use any means within budget to forward understanding but a good doctor often prefers to figure out what’s wrong with a patient by a direct physical examination and interview, not by immediately running the patient through repetitive and expensive tests.  In my mind, a good astrologer is more like the good doctor and less like the medical researcher.
There is far more to say about these issues but let’s leave them alone for the moment.  Now I wish to apply the use of material and means to an astrological analysis of our three celebrities.

Three Celebrities: Introduction

A celebrity is a person famous for being himself or herself.  Often – but not always – a celebrity has some accomplishment in politics, art, or entertainment, and people follow their lives closely, especially their personal lives. On one side of celebrity are the adoring (and often despising) multitudes and on the other side are the publicists, agents, paparazzi, and legions of reporters and columnists.  Some celebrities revel in the attention they receive (think Charlie Sheen); others consistently despise and resent it (think Jacqueline Kennedy), but most celebrities are rather ambivalent about their status in society.   Our attitudes toward them are usually emotional and can range from obsessive fandom to schadenfreude, our delight in the downfall of others.  Although it is fashionable to consider our age one in which celebrity has gone overboard, our focus on celebrity has long historical legs, well past the age of Cleopatra.
My thoughts about celebrity have been stimulated by three disconnected events over the past several weeks: (1) the passing away of Elizabeth Taylor who was never just a movie star; (2) the banning of a new biography of Mohandas Gandhi in India because of its full-round treatment of the man; and (3) the US presidential aspirations of mega-financier Donald Trump whose political incursion has become fodder for this month’s pundits and political bloggers.  We have reliable birth charts for all these individuals, especially Trump who recently waved a birth document to the press that contained a birth time for him.
In the interests of astrological interpretation as an art, I will begin looking at these three individuals from the ancient methods given from Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy .I use whole sign houses (as usual) and aspects from sign to sign, and I will use some of the ancient Lots and relevant fixed stars.  I will also omit the outer planets.  It’s not as if I don’t “believe” in them, for they are indispensible to my astrological work, but sometimes they prevent us from having a good look at the inner planets and positions that are more personal in an astrological chart.  (To enable my readers to be patient, I will supply additional “modern” charts at the end.) 

Elizabeth Taylor: Entertainment Celebrity
If you are below the age of 40 you probably know of Elizabeth Taylor as a former movie star battling with drug and alcohol addiction and with overeating (comedienne Joan Collins made her career making fun of Elizabeth Taylor), but also as a Hollywood grand dame who was friend and mentor to troubled stars (e.g. Michael Jackson), and strongly involved in causes such as HIV/AIDS research and prevention.  She would often show up on talk shows and was treated with reverence by her interviewers. 
If you are above 40, especially if you grew up in the 1960’s, Taylor was once a movie goddess and an icon of beauty.  From the age of 12 and her first big film National Velvet (1944) through her Academy Award performance in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), she was the reigning female movie star.  She was an epic character during an era of grandiose cinema and became a personality known throughout the world.  She was also notorious for her many marriages and her tumultuous relationship with Richard Burton, an eminent actor in his own right, with whom she acquired the Taylor-h.JPGreputation of conspicuous consumption with much jewelry.  She made the career of many a tabloid publisher, editor, writer, and photographer.
Now we look at her chart. The format is somewhat unusual for you are looking at some major Hellenistic Lots as well as the inner planets.  You must first distinguish between the planets and the planets in the circles, for these are the Lots.  In Aries you see the Lot of Fortune or the “Lot of the Moon”; in Leo, close to Jupiter is the Lot of Spirit, also called the “Lot of the Sun.”  Three more reflect the planet that is involved in the formulas for their respective Lots: the Lot of Victory involves Jupiter and it’s right on Taylor’s Ascendant; the Lot of Nemesis involves Saturn and is next to her Midheaven degree; the Lot of Courage (the word is closer to “rashness”) involves Mars and is in Scorpio, next to her Moon.
Venus with the circle around it is the Lot of Eros and in this formulation does not involve Venus but is the arc between the Lot of Spirit and the Lot of Fortune, projected from the Ascendant.  Mercury with the circle around it is the Lot of Necessity and that is the arc between the Lot of Fortune and the Lot of Spirit.  (There are different formulations for these two Lots.)
In addition to this interpretation of Taylor’s chart I have also written about her in Astrological Roots.
Let’s begin with Taylor’s Ascendant in Sagittarius; this clearly puts our focus on Jupiter in Leo that is in trine to her Ascendant.  Psychologically we can talk about buoyancy, confidence and ability to weather adverse conditions gracefully.  We may also find a tendency toward abundance, toward conspicuous consumption.  The Lot of Spirit is next to Jupiter—and her Pisces Sun is disposed by Jupiter – and this only increases the importance of this planet.  (The Lot of Victory is the arc between Jupiter to the Lot of Spirit in a night chart and therefore is on the Ascendant.) Undoubtedly Elizabeth Taylor’s soul was the nature of Jupiter – including the tendencies toward excess. 
We turn our attention to Venus, for the fair planet also pervaded her life in many ways.  It’s in her 5th house or place that is the “joy” of Venus; she is also in sect and rising from the Sun on the western horizon. Jupiter is also in trine to Venus, bestowing on Venus Jupiter’s strength in her chart.   Venus is in detriment in Aries and so has more Mars-like qualities. 
We see three planets in Pisces in the 4th, Sun, Mars, and Mercury.  The benefics Venus and Jupiter do not testify to them by aspect nor does Saturn.  Mercury is in detriment and fall and so is confused or easily bewildered by its own subjectivity. Mars is in its own triplicity but is under the Sun’s beams; however the tendency of Mars is to rise from the Sun in the East and Mars may have some additional hidden strength, possibly some ferocity.
This leaves the planets that most point to her difficulties: Moon and Saturn.  Moon is in fall in Scorpio and is further compromised by being in the 12th, and certainly could point to difficulties with addiction.  The proximity of the Lot of Courage brings even more Mars into the package.  This helps us understand this woman’s intense emotionality and her tendency to be insatiable.  Yet Moon is in an extremely close square with Jupiter, the planet that is so important in her chart.  Part of her appeal later in her life was as a “survivor” of her many personal difficulties. 
Hers is an odd Saturn: it is in dignity in Aquarius and is oriental to the Sun but is in a cadent house or place and is out of sect in Taylor’s nocturnal chart.  Importantly Saturn does not aspect other planets closely and seems to be left out on its own. It is a strong Saturn that can turn on her and account for depression, a sense of life’s futility.
And now for somebody completely different:
Mohandas Gandhi: Celebrity as Political and Cultural Figure

You may think that including Gandhi here is being irreverent yet in many ways he was also a celebrity.  He never held political office and for most of his adult he didn’t really have a formal occupation.   Yet Gandhi was enormously influential as a person in many ways. He also disliked the adoring attention he received, but also used it to further his causes.
As a young lawyer he was a tough advocate for rights for Indians in South Africa.  In his middle years he persevered for independence of India from Britain and for the rights of untouchables, and toward the end of his life for reconciliation between Hindus and Muslims.  He was the originator of satyagraha that means “seize the truth” and refers to a political strategy of nonviolent resistance to oppression.  This doctrine and method has had great influence since Gandhi’s time, notably in the Civil Rights movement in the US.  Gandhi also embraced a lifestyle of simplicity and self-sufficiency, as well as celibacy, although he purportedly did better on the first two than the third.  He was not a Hindu but spent his childhood as a Jain, was not religious as a young man but became so after meeting people in the theosophical movement in England when studying law, and was strongly influenced by the later Christian writings of Tolstoy.
Gandhi has become part of the latest news cycle because of a new biography by Joseph Lelyveld that has recently been banned in India.  Although a Gandhi-h.JPGmostly positive account of Gandhi, the book also suggests that he was bisexual, had some strong racial prejudices, and gave full attention to Gandhi’s failures in changing Indian culture and social prejudices.  Lelyveld casts Gandhi not only as visionary but as a tough political leader.  (There’s an excellent article about this book by Anita Desai in the current New York Review of Books; you can read this online at

Gandhi’s chart is very different when using whole sign houses rather than quadrant houses.  If you were using Placidus or Koch house systems, Mercury, Venus, and Mars would be in the first and Jupiter would be in the 7th: in this whole sign chart the Sun is the only angular planet.
Let’s first focus on the Sun.  Certainly a Sun in the 1st, his only angular planet, suggests his personality becoming his greatest commodity and the focus of the attention to others.  But this is not a Leo Sun but a Libran Sun with some very interesting features.
Just as it is easy to call Elizabeth Taylor “a Pisces” because of her Sun placement, it would be easy to consider Gandhi an idealistic Libran, especially because he also has Libra rising.  If we look at Libra more traditionally, a different picture emerges.
We can begin with the dispositors for his Sun in Libra.  We certainly can look at Venus the sign ruler (or “domicile”) for Libra and we will see that Venus is conjunct Mars in Scorpio, that sign’s ruler.  The Mars influence helps provide “Libran” Gandhi a tenacity we see in his strict adherence to principle past normal reasonableness, a willingness to go to jail and endure other personal sacrifices, and his occasional personal hunger strikes.
We must also note that Saturn is the exaltation and triplicity of his Sun in Libra.  If we look at the Lot of Spirit, the “Lot of the Sun”, we see that it is in Sagittarius, very close to Saturn itself.  We also see that the Sun is in an applying “predominating” sextile to Saturn.  In other words, when you look at Gandhi’s Sun closely what you see is Saturn,
It’s interesting to think of Gandhi’s Saturn conjunct Lot of Spirit in contrast with Taylor’s Jupiter conjunct Lot of Spirit.   You may also note Gandhi’s Lot of Fortune in the 12th house or place – Saturn is the only planet angular to the Lot.  On display is Gandhi’s “Saturnine virtues” of frugality, hard work, and simplicity – taken to an extreme Saturn is also about isolation or seclusion: from time to time Gandhi did retreat from politics to the confines of his own home, possibly enjoyed the contrast of jail with being a public figure, and went through much of his life knowing that nobody was anything like him. All roads in this chart seem to lead to Saturn.
First as a leader of the Indian resistance in South Africa and then in India, Gandhi was usually the center of attention and it was not uncommon for him to be surrounded by great throngs of people.  Where do we find his public appeal?      Using whole sign houses or places, his 10th is rather unimpressive, holding the Lots of Eros and Nemesis and the Midheaven degree.  Instead we need to look to the Moon in Leo and the 11th, the place of “Good Spirit.”  It’s an odd picture because Leo does like the limelight yet its dispositor is Sun in Libra, not exactly a grandiose placement for the Sun.  His Moon in Leo had a strongly personal quality: it’s said that for people who met Gandhi briefly and casually, his attention would be firmly focused on them as if nothing else in the world mattered to him.  Yet the Moon is also close to the Lot of Courage, indicating both a fighting and nurturing spirit.  Indeed his advancement of nonviolent resistance seems well in line with a Moon strongly influenced by a Mars-like Lot.  We may also consider his favorite way of indicating his extreme displeasure – he would go on a hunger strike!
Jupiter, Mars, and Venus all have close square aspects to the Moon, making a modern “T-Square” with Moon at the apex.  We see that Moon is applying to a square to Jupiter in Taurus, a practical placement of an idealistic planet.  Gandhi’s genius was to see the ordinary as symbolic – a tax on salt, the weaving wheel – and to make a political statement of it.  Moon has close predominating squares to Venus and Mars, both of which are out of sect in Gandhi’s diurnal chart.  We can read this in two ways: if we focus on Venus it’s difficult not to see Gandhi as a man with strong sexual appetites that he tried mightily but likely failed to sublimate.  If we focus on Mars, we get the image of a man with steely resolve to the point of ruthlessness – all disguised by a Libra Sun in the first.
This concludes Gandhi’s chart and I continue with somebody as utterly different from Gandhi as one could be, except for the extent of the publicity about him.

Donald Trump: Celebrity as Financial Impresario and Political Aspirant

Beginning this winter and definitely continuing into the spring, Donald Trump has been making all the moves of a presidential aspirant.  His strategy has been to become the center of political attention by casting doubts on President Obama’s birthplace.  Part of this plan was to be shown waving his own birth records later to find out it wasn’t his official birth certificate.  Trump was not embarrassed but soldiered on.  Astrologers, however, were intrigued that the birth time shown – 10:54 AM – was about an hour later than the one we had originally used.  Most astrologers seem to get good information from Trump’s revised birth time, as I have.
Donald originally took over his father’s business as a real estate developer. Donald had a gambler’s instinct with a flair for the dramatic and has been the talk of the town (New York City) beginning in the 1980’s. He had begun to take over choice parcels of Manhattan real estate and converted them into large and impressive buildings with his name emblazoned on them.  The most famous was Trump Towers, the most massive and upscale dwelling complex in New York.
The 1990’s were more difficult, however, as the real estate market crashed, driving him close to bankruptcy.  He also had a well-publicized nasty divorce from his first wife Ivana Trump (he has had two more since then), giving rise to the perception of him as a hedonist and narcissist.  He bounced back financially, although the mid-2000’s would bring more financial peril.  In spite of his reversals, Trump is possibly worth several billion on a bad day and more than that on a good day, yet much of his wealth may be smoke and mirrors. Today his real estate empire has spread to Atlantic City, Las Vegas, San Francisco and overseas, yet he has had his brushes with massive debt and bankruptcies.
This past decade also featured Trump as a reality TV host for the series The Apprentice. This gave Trump an entertainment presence and a persistent image of him proclaiming “You’re fired!” to some unlucky contestant.
Up close what is this man like? Mark Singer, who wrote a New Yorker profile on Trump entitled “Trump Solo”, tells us this.
All along there have been several Trumps: the hyperbole addict who prevaricates for fun and profit; the knowledgeable builder whose associates profess awe at his attention to detail; the narcissist whose self-absorption doesn’t account for his dead-on ability to exploit other people’s weaknesses; the perpetual seventeen-year-old who lives in a zero-sum world of winners and “total losers,” loyal friends and “complete scumbags”; the insatiable publicity hound who courts the press on a daily basis and, when he doesn’t like what he reads, attacks the messengers as “human garbage”; the chairman and largest stockholder of a billion-dollar public corporation who seems unable to resist heralding overly optimistic earnings projections, which then fail to materialize, thereby eroding the value of his investment—in sum, a fellow both slippery and naïve, artfully calculating and recklessly heedless of consequences.
You can read Singer’s article in

I also quote my friend Nadine Harris who depicted Trump’s Mars placement. This was in the NCGR astrologers’ e-mail list and it was from March 31 of this year. 
The placement of Mars -- in the newer chart right on the Ascendant – makes a lot more sense to me than Mars in the twelfth, since Trump has always been remarkably thin-skinned, forever getting goaded into ridiculous feuds, sulking like Achilles in his tent, and taking thoughtless actions and making regrettable statements which can make him look foolish. Just listen to the way in which he rumbles and grumbles as he shoots "you're fired" at someone in his show, as though it was burning a hole in his gut. Notice Mars also trines his shoot-from-the-hip Sagittarius Moon. 

Let’s give his chart a look.  If you look at the Sun and Moon conjunct the lunar nodes, it means that about a day and a half before Trump was born there was a lunar eclipse.


Trump-h.JPGMany astrologers have commented about Trump’s new Ascendant degree being very close to the fixed star Regulus, one of the royal stars.  Regulus is affiliated with the planets Mars and Jupiter and signifies regal power and aggression and when rising can signify a prominent or fortunate birth. 
Noting Nadine Harris’ depiction of Trump’s Mars placement very close to the Ascendant, there is also the possibility that Trump has a rather competitive (and confrontational) style.  This is good or ill depending on his priorities in life.  To most people, however, Trump’s priority in life is furthering his own status and magnitude.
Supplying further confirmation of the importance of Trump’s Mars is that his Lot of Spirit is conjunct the Lot of Courage; they connect because of the Mars placement on the Ascendant and the Sun-Moon opposition in Trump’s chart.
The lord of Trump’s Leo ascendant is the Sun in Gemini, placed fortunately in the 11th place of Good Spirit. Sun is also conjunct the Lot of Exaltation that is derived from the distance from the Sun’s degree of exaltation to the Sun’s natal position.  This is also an indication of fortune, at least the personal confidence that can lead to fortune.
We then take note of Mercury, the planet of the marketplace, and, to cite his well-known book, the “Art of the Deal.”  At first Mercury does not exactly impress: it is in the 12th and in the very un-mercurial sign Cancer. Mercury’s condition improves considerably when we consider that it forms a contra-antiscion relationship with the Moon – in modern language we would say that their midpoint is the Aries point.  When Mercury and Moon work together we certainly get “The Art of the Deal” that combines Mercury’s craftiness with the Moon’s intuitive sense of others.  It is a potent combination in Trump’s chart and accounts for many of Mark Singer’s descriptions of Trump as quoted above.  (Note: Sun and Mercury are antiscia – symmetrical to the Cancer/Capricorn axis – although their midpoint is more than a degree away from that axis.)
Trump’s Jupiter is not as prominent as one would expect: its strongest quality is its trine and sextile to the Sun and Moon respectively. 
This leaves us with the Venus/Saturn combination in Cancer in the 12th.  Venus is in triplicity and Saturn is in detriment, yet Saturn is in its joy in the 12th.  This does not bode well for Trump’s love life and there’s probably a tendency to become demanding and dictatorial with women once he has married them. One can also see Trump as a traditionalist when it comes to relationships.
How serious is Trump about running for US president and what are his chances?
It seems that every pundit has an opinion about this and they are surprisingly similar: they question how serious he is and whether he can withstand the daily scrutiny of the press and public and the delicacy of mandatory financial disclosure forms. They also question that he has a presidential agenda that is different from his tendency toward promoting himself. Although Trump might appeal to a pro-business faction within the Republican Party, he would be completely unacceptable to many social conservatives. There is surprisingly unanimity from both sides of the current American political divide.  On the other hand, the public often wishes for somebody temperamentally very different from the current White House occupant – Trump’s grandiose blustery braggadocio stands in sharp contrast to the deliberative and consensus-seeking Obama.
Donald Trump’s astrology has much to tell us.  Below is his triple wheel: natal on the very inside, secondary progressions (solar arc directed MC) in the middle, current planetary positions on the outside.
You may first notice that his new Ascendant of 29 Leo has had transiting Neptune opposing it during this time: the transit has been in range during the late winter, was exact just before Neptune entered Pisces in early April, will oppose his Ascendant again in early August, and Neptune will finally finish the transit to his Ascendant in early February – during early primary season.  Ascendant is the place of personal manifestation in the astrological chart and also tells how one appears to others.  Read literally this is a picture of being deceived by another or others: perhaps Trump has misread the public’s interest in him and thinks of himself as a kind of redeemer for his country.  This transit may also indicate the American public is being rather dumb and Trump has fallen for it too.
Trump triwheel.jpg

Yet his aspirations may come from some genuine possibilities. Jupiter goes into his 10th, Taurus, in June, and this transit of prominence can only encourage this relentless self-promoter to benefit from the current political situation.  It is interesting that Trump’s first public hints of 2012 presidential ambitions occurred this winter when Saturn was at station conjunct his natal Jupiter – usually that trims the sails a bit but may also indicate that he had in fact entered the political arena very carefully.  Jupiter was also this year’s “Lord of the Year” by profection, since his Ascendant advanced into his fifth sign Sagittarius – where his Moon is – on his previous birthday.  His next birthday gives Saturn as Lord of the Year, the profection of the Ascendant moving into his 6th place of Capricorn.  Since his natal Saturn is in fairly poor condition, I suspect this will symbolize the long knives of the Republican Party (hidden enemies) with their sights on him.
His progressions tell us a different story.  Looking at the second wheel of Trump’s secondary progressions (progressing the Midheaven by solar arc directions) you will notice that progressed Jupiter is very close to progressed Ascendant – they are exact in April 2012, a very auspicious time if one wants to clinch a presidential nomination.  In the meantime progressed Mercury is in sextile to progressed Neptune this June – an aspect that mirrors transiting Neptune opposing his natal Ascendant, giving many possibilities of deception and self-deception.
It’s hard to imagine that Trump’s political aspirations are a one-month story and soon he’ll go away and be quiet after he has come to his senses – or the American people have recovered theirs. 
Now let’s look at some Hellenistic predictive indicators – I fear that they also tell us that Trump is going to remain a national political figure, and even capture the Republican presidential nomination.
I must begin with decennials, for that is the ancient system I explored most extensively in Astrological Roots.  It turns out that Trump entered a Moon/Moon period very early in 2010.  This means that the general time lord will be for the following ten years nine months (in 360-day years) but the specific time lord, the more important one, will be active for twenty five months (of 30 days each).  We then must look at the Moon which is neither a benefic nor a malefic.  Moon’s in the 5th place (house), conjunct the “descending node” that is a place of instability, but in sextile from the benefic Jupiter.  Moon is a pretty good placement in Trump’s chart.  It gets better for him when we bring in the following specific time lord – Sun.  Moon/Sun begins at the end of January 2012 and continues well into the following year.  Sun is a planetary symbol of leadership; it’s also strongly placed in the 11th place and rules the Ascendant and the 1st.
If we look at a semi-planetary lord system, zodiacal releasing, we see that Trump entered a Gemini/Gemini period.  It is governed by Mercury in the 12th but Gemini also contains the Sun in Trump’s chart, giving us a second factor that involves the Sun.
I conclude by looking at his circumambulations, a form of direction: here we look at specific positions directed to natal planets and to planetary lords, terms or bounds.  We are interested in the Sun, the planet most involved with leadership.  Upcoming is a sextile from the directed Sun to Jupiter – the great benefic once again – in early November 2011; Mercury, the planet of the “deal”, becomes the term or bound lord for the directed Sun in mid-2012 (since 2003 it’s been Saturn).  During this time Trump’s Midheaven lord by aspect and term or bound has been Saturn – I don’t think things have been so wonderful on the real estate front lately.  This may have prompted him to turn his attention elsewhere – toward his present role as bull in Republican presidential china shop. If not the punditry, the astrology does tell us that Trump will be a major factor going into the 2012 presidential elections for better or for worse.  You heard it first here!
“Normal” charts for our three celebrities:








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