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The Lunar Nodes: A Fresh Look

Today’s astrologers use the lunar nodes so prominently that their importance is taken almost as an article of faith. This presentation briefly examines the nature of the lunar nodes… How were they derived in the distant past?...

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Untying the Knots of the 12-Letter Alphabet

The Twelve-Letter Alphabet, sometimes called the twelve “Archetypes,” underlies much of modern Western astrology. In my view, this has led to the distortion of much of astrology’s fundamental symbolism. This lecture, the result of many years of frustration with the conventional presentation of astrology, has as its goal that astrologers question their explicit and implicit use of the Twelve Letter Alphabet. A case can be made for putting this system away forever, and I attempt to make that case here.

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Planets of Personality

Ana Isabel from Life Astrologer interviews Joseph Crane about his new book, Astrology and the Lives of People: Finding Compassion, Character and Heroism in the Horoscope.

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Backing into Astrology

Oftentimes when an event occurs or we see a significant person in a quandary there is a tendency to find the aspects in the chart that validates that situation. Is this the proper way to use astrology? Or, are we searching for...

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Dante and Astrology

A lecture given through Kepler College on Dante’s Divine Comedy and its relationship to Astrology 0:00 Introduction 1:32 Dante’s Rectified Natal Chart 13:06 Schema Of Hell 44:40 Purgatory 1:04:10 Paradisa 1:29:56...

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