Astrology and the Lives of People

Taken all together the luminaries and five planets express a totality of our common nature and life concerns. By reclaiming and redeveloping the significance of these planetary bodies, astrology can become more relevant to the real issues that people have.

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Between Fortune and Providence

Dante’s great poem brings the reader through a range of human experience allegorized as a pilgrimage through medieval hell, purgatory, and heaven – and includes much that is familiar to the modern astrologer. This commentary is a valuable resource for those interested in astrology, traditional cosmology, psychology and spirituality.

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Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy

This systematic presentation uncovers many natal and predictive astrological techniques that had been lost for centuries and includes assessing an astrological chart for fame, career, love, and happiness. Ancient natal and predictive methods are applied to the charts and lives of over forty historical and contemporary people.

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A Practical Guide to Traditional Astrology

This short work shows modern astrologers how to apply the astrological ideas and horoscope casting techniques from the western ancient and medieval worlds. Included are surprises about planetary symbolism, houses, aspects, dignities and debilities, lots, and configuration with the Sun.

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