This book shows modern astrologers how to apply the astrological ideas and horoscope casting techniques used in the late Hellenistic and Medieval periods. It assumes no prior knowledge of pre-modern astrology and reviews planets and the zodiac, planetary sect and dignity, aspects, and orientality. As the book title suggests, its purpose is to empower the modern astrologer with a of time- honored techniques and modes of interpretation. Additionally, an overview of ancient and medieval astrology reveals the special qualities of our modern perspectives and applications that may bear closer examination

My first book was an expanded version of a series I wrote for The Mountain Astrologer back in the 1990s. I apply methods from ancient and medieval western astrology to the natal chart and how to read it, planets, signs, aspects, dignities and debilities, planetary sect, and configurations with the Sun. Many people found this work a worthy introduction for modern astrologers for whom traditional astrology was unknown.

A necessary book for learning traditional methods

The study of traditional astrology is a nascent one, and learning to work with it IS difficult. But not impossible. Crane’s book requires slow reading, note-taking, and thinking. However, it is immensely worth the work… Perhaps the best take-away from all these books is that the learning of traditional astrology will occur most quickly if we do not first approach a chart in its entirety, but rather go through a list of universal major human concerns one at a time: career/work, health, relationships, finances, and so on.

Clair Dunn

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