Joseph offers tutorial/supervision that we customize to your areas of interest and previous astrological study/experience. In addition to Foundational Topics, here are some topics appropriate to developing further your fluency with astrological technique and application.

Below are possible study areas for the intermediate or advanced student. Please contact Joseph for more info.

Modern Predictive Astrology:

  • Using transits
  • Secondary progressions
  • Solar returns

Symmetries and Harmonics:

  • Astrology of the Modern Era
  • 5th, 7th, 9th harmonic charts
  • Midpoints

Introduction to Traditional Astrology:

  • Characteristics of natal astrology in ancient and medieval styles, including fixed star interpretation

Traditional Horary and Electional Astrology:

  • Questions about profession, love and marriage, purchases, lost or missing items
  • Selecting appropriate times for chosen events.

Hellenistic Astrology:

  • Using houses and lots
  • Planetary assessment
  • Delineating work, relationship, health, character
  • Predictive techniques

Astrological Counseling Supervision

For more information, contact Joseph