Author: Joseph Crane

Backing into Astrology

Oftentimes when an event occurs or we see a significant person in a quandary there is a tendency to find the aspects in the chart that validates that situation. Is this the proper way to use astrology? Or, are we searching for...

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Dante and Astrology

A lecture given through Kepler College on Dante’s Divine Comedy and its relationship to Astrology 0:00 Introduction 1:32 Dante’s Rectified Natal Chart 13:06 Schema Of Hell 44:40 Purgatory 1:04:10 Paradisa 1:29:56...

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March Update

My new book, Astrology and the Lives of People is now out!

Beginning Thursday April 18, Enid Newberg and I will offer “Family Patterns and Chart Interpretation” through Kepler College.

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Astrology, Broader and Deeper

Many of these articles explore the relationships between astrology and its symbol systems and western literature and psychology, traditional and modern. Others critically investigate some features of modern astrology that merit criticism.

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