Learning astrology can be personally and professionally rewarding. Joseph has been teaching astrology for 25 years to all sorts of people with all sorts of goals.

Below you will find information about how we teach as well as suggested topics for both Foundational and Intermediate paths.

In addition to the tutorials below, we hold various in person and online events/classes. Some of these are in conjunction with Kepler College. See home page for current events.

Astrology Tutorials

Tutorials are designed to help people further their understanding and practical application of astrology. It is open to a range of experience and interests. It is for those who are interested in astrology but whose training has been uneven and have areas of confusion or uncertainty. It is also helpful for people who would like to extend their interest in astrology into a professional consulting practice. We would meet in person, by phone or Skype if we are at distance. Sessions will be recorded and you will receive the recording.

As we all know, the best learning is by doing, and there are many ways to do astrology. One can engage in astrological work by noting important chart factors, writing out core meanings of specific symbols, and finally by conducting full-fledged interpretations and prognostications using live case studies. Critical is the ability to write and talk the language of astrology fluently and you will have many opportunities to practice these skills.

At our first meeting we will determine your knowledge and fluency with astrology and priorities for your further learning. This may include traditional or modern methods, natal or predictive or horary astrology. Then we schedule meetings that will about an hour, preferably a few times a month.

We use texts such as Astrology for Yourself by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch and my own Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy to provide traditional and modern approaches to technique and interpretation. If you are more experienced and would like to learn about specific areas of astrology, we can agree on content and texts during our initial session.

Below are two possible paths you can use as a guide for building your program. Topics will vary depending on your level of experience and areas of interest.

Cost: $60 per session that includes between-session assignments and feedback.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss some possibilities, please contact Joseph Crane.