For you star-gazers features many planets visible in the night sky – at different times you’ll see Venus, definitely Mars in Cancer.

And, of course, my new book Astrology and the Lives of People is now out!  So far, the reception has been warm and encouraging, although I wait semi-patiently for a full-fledged review.

Now for the classes:

Family Patterns and Chart InterpretationBeginning Thursday April 18 through May 16, Enid Newberg and I offer “Family Patterns and Chart Interpretation” through Kepler College.  We’ll meet 5 PM-7 PM PT and 8 PM-10PM ET.

This course begins with a look at the modern family – nuclear and extended – including patterns of generational transmission, ethnicity and culture.  We’ll look at psychodynamic and systems-theory approaches to family. Here we’ll discuss astrology’s Fourth House/Tenth House conundrum.

We continue with two weeks of parental/offspring and sibling relationships within the structure of the family and from individual and combined astrological charts.  We’ll look at all our needs for enduring relationships and to pursue an individual path. We’ll look at astrological charts of the famous, maybe the infamous, and ourselves, reconciling structure and synastry to form a broader portrait of critical relationships in life.

You can register through Kepler College’s website: