Year: 2023

Backing into Astrology

Oftentimes when an event occurs or we see a significant person in a quandary there is a tendency to find the aspects in the chart that validates that situation. Is this the proper way to use astrology? Or, are we searching for...

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Dante and Astrology

A lecture given through Kepler College on Dante’s Divine Comedy and its relationship to Astrology 0:00 Introduction 1:32 Dante’s Rectified Natal Chart 13:06 Schema Of Hell 44:40 Purgatory 1:04:10 Paradisa 1:29:56...

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March Update

My new book, Astrology and the Lives of People is now out!

Beginning Thursday April 18, Enid Newberg and I will offer “Family Patterns and Chart Interpretation” through Kepler College.

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